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Quality Guarantee :

I Quality guarantee

The whole set of system guarantee period 18 months since export from factory or 12 months after tested,

the two conditions based on the prior date,during this period,supplier will bear all the fee which because

of quality problem damaged maintenance or change.

II Quality guarantee system carry out standard(design,manufacture,test)

Strictly according to ISO9001:2000 quality management system standard to manage the whole process

of equipment,details of technical process,measures as following:

(1) Make sure customer requirements,provided perfect,reasonable technical solution

communicating with customer in details&thoroughgoing,make sure customer requirements for equipment

clearly,the technical process for N2 situation,customer currently site and public situation etc.Then according

to our long period industry working experience,then put our suggestion for customer,under mutual fully

communication,reach an agreement situation,put perfect,reasonable technical solution.

(2) Contract review

Before sign the contact with customer,via salesman organize technology,quality purchase,production or

after-sale etc related department reviewing contact,make sure can completely understand customer

requirements,satisfied with contact

(3) Quality management control process

Control for design

Product design is the key link to make up product quality,our company through design,develop to design

confirming the whole process establishing keep control and testing document procedure,then based on

long time testing,accumulating data design,guarantee satisfied with all the requirements

(4) Components and parts purchase,outsourcing manufactured parts manufacturing

All the components&parts of equipment purchasing all according to our company purchase supplying

department “Qualified supplier list”listed,based on fulfill all the contact requirements,testing the goods

by QC.

Outsourcing manufactured parts manufacturing also according to our company purchasing

department“Qualified outsourcing manufactured parts supplier list”listed,based on fulfill contact,Via

QC monitoring the whole process and test it at least.

(5) Production process control

(5.1) Nitrogen generator technical process as follows:

Pressure vessels manufacturing-Pipes welding-rust cleaning(surface treating)-semi-product

assembling-product assembling-painting-testing-testing before factory export

5.2 Operators

Operators must strictly according to technical drawings manufacturing,technical process standard and rule

operating,and according to (process test and inspect control procedure)carry out inspecting,quality

department then testing and inspecting,then recording,qualified product via inspector sign or stamped then

can turn to next procedure.

5.3 Manufacture process drawing,technical standard etc document and data all in state of control,per

workshop strictly according to technical process standard organize production.

Design,manufacture,test main rules and standard

Supplier provided equipment,spare parts,material strictly according to domestic,industry,company and

manufacture currently standard and rules design,manufacture,inspect.

3.1 Technical design manufacture rules

《Chemistry technical design working drawing content&depth unite rules》HG20519-92

《Chemistry plant arrange design rules》HG20546-92

《Industrial enterprise noise standard》GB-12348-90

3.2 Equipment design manufacture rules

《Steel pressure vessels》GB150-98

《Pressure vessels safety technical inspecting rules》the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision1999

《Steel chemistry pressure vessels select rules》HGJ15-89

《Steel chemistry pressure vessels intensity technical rules》HGJ16-89

《Steel chemistry pressure vessels structure design rules》HGJ17-89

《Steel chemistry pressure vessels manufacture technical rules》HGJ18-89

《Steel chemistry pressure vessels analyzing count standard》JB4732-95

3.3 Control design rules

《Chemistry factory primary design content depth rules》Chemistry ministry 1988.6

《Chemistry factory control design working drawing content depth unite rules》HG20506-92

《Chemistry enterprise break&conflagration dangerous environment electricity design technical rules 》HGJ21-89

《Chemistry control design technical rules》HGJ20507~205016-89

《Chemistry control installation handbook》HGJ516-87(Volume one&next)

3.4 Environment design criterion

《Chemistry construction project noise control design rules》HG20503-92

《Republic of China environmental protective rules》1989

《Industrial enterprise noise criterion》GB12348-90

3.5 Electricity design criterion

《Industry&civil electricity manufacture design rules》GBJ665-83

《Chemistry enterprise design rules》HGJ28-89

《Chemistry enterprise cable line design technical rules》CD90A8-853.

Note:SNCE gas PSA Nitrogen generator system under design,manufacture,install,test process should comply

with following standard criterion

1、《Republic of China standard rules》

2、《Republic of China standard rules enforcement regulation》

3、《Gas manufacture suitable rules&criterion》

4、GB 3864-1996 《Industrial gas state Nitrogen》

5、JB/T6427-2001《PSA making O2,N2 equipment》

6、GB150-1998《Steel pressure vessels standard》

7、《Gas separation&liquid equipment industrial standard editing》

8、JB/T4709-2000《Steel pressure vessels welding rules》

9、Q/WKF 009-2003《Pipes pneumatic control valve》

10、GB/T 14436-1993 《Industrial project guarantee document general rules》

11、GB 4980-1986 《Vessels compressor noise power testing-engineering rules》

12、GB 5226.1-2002 《mechanical safety mechanical electricity equipment general technical conditions 》

13、GB/T 583.2-1986 《Gas micro water test dew point rules》

14、GB 6286-1986 《molecular sieves accumulate density testing method》

15、GB 9969.1-1998 《Industrial product working instructions general rules》

16、GB 191-2000 《Package,storage picture mark》

17、GB/T 13384-1992 《Electromechanical product package general technical conditions》

18、GB/T 13306-1991 《Nameplate》

19、JB/T 4711-2003 《 Pressure vessels coating&exporting package》

20、《Pressure vessels safety technical monitoring rules》

21、HG20592~20635-97 《Steel pipe flange,cushion,fasten parts》

22、GB10504-89 GB10505.1~10505.4-89《3A molecular sieves&its testing method》

23、JB/T8058-96《Air separation equipment using active aluminum oxide testing technical conditions 》

24、GB/T12496.1-1999《woodiness active carbon testing method》

25、GB/T 1527-1997《Cooper&cooper alloy drawn tube 》

26、GB/T11618-1999《Steel pipes connector》

27、GB/T 14976-2002《Liquid transporting using stainless seamless pipes》

28、GB707-88《Hot-rolling normal supporting steel》

29、GB9787-88《Hot-rolling equal sides angle steel》

30、GB709-88《Hot-rolling steel plate& tape》


Suzhou since gas system  co.,ltd Certifications
Standard: Manufacture License of Special Equipment
Number: TS2732304-2018
Scope/Range: PSA gas generator,PSA gas purifier,cracking unit
Issued By: JIANGSU quality technology bureau
Suzhou since gas system  co.,ltd Certifications
Standard: China Classification Society Certificate of Marine product
Number: SH13PO4005
Issue Date: 2015-04-08
Expiry Date: 2018-04-07
Scope/Range: Marine nitrogen generator manuafacturing
Suzhou since gas system  co.,ltd Certifications
Number: QIP-ASI1341841
Issue Date: 2013-12-03
Expiry Date: 2016-12-03
Scope/Range: Gas generator manufacturing
Issued By: SGS
Suzhou since gas system  co.,ltd Certifications
Standard: Patent of Invention
Number: ZL 2011 2 0398693.6
Issue Date: 2011-10-19
Scope/Range: Bell type furnace waste gas recovering unit
Issued By: SIPO
Suzhou since gas system  co.,ltd Certifications
Standard: Patent of Invention
Number: ZL 2010 2 0022230.5
Issue Date: 2010-01-18
Scope/Range: Gas generator manufacturing
Issued By: SIPO
Suzhou since gas system  co.,ltd Certifications
Standard: Patent of Invention
Number: ZL 2009 2 0282874.5
Issue Date: 2009-12-24
Scope/Range: Gas generator adsorber filling
Issued By: SIPO
Suzhou since gas system  co.,ltd Certifications
Standard: PED/CE
Number: IT102226SG160908
Issue Date: 2016-09-08
Scope/Range: CE
Issued By: ISER S.R.L
Suzhou since gas system  co.,ltd Certifications
Standard: PED/CE
Number: NOOCN11SC15110305
Issue Date: 2015-11-05
Scope/Range: EN ISO 12100: 2010 EN 60204-1:2006/AC-2010
Issued By: I.S.E.T s.r.l.

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